What we do

INVERCASA SAFI is a firm exclusively dedicated to manage investment funds, duly registered with the local securities regulator (SIBOIF).

We have a highly qualified team of professionals who are dedicated to generating attractive yields to our clients.

We strongly believe in maintaining a balance between yield and risk, following an active investment strategy and taking advantage of the best investment opportunities for our clients.

We offer simple and convenient investment products, designed to suit the needs of our customers.

What we offer

We offer a variety of funds for each type of investor, ranging from those who seek to generate returns while maintaining high liquidity levels to those who wish to obtain capital gains in the long-term.

Each fund has a defined investment policy which is detailed in its prospectus.

Open-ended and closed-ended funds

  • Open-ended funds

Open-ended funds possess a variable capital and have no expiration date, which is why there is no limit as to how many investors can take part in a single fund.

The amount invested plus the earned returns can be withdrawn once the minimum stay period set out in the prospectus is met. The only requirement is to request the fund withdrawal a business day in advance.

Investors can buy or sell their shares directly through the SAFI. The purchase and redemption conditions are defined in each prospect.

The most common example of open funds are the money market funds. INVERCASA SAFI manages one money market fund (MMF): Activa US Dollars.

  • Closed-ended funds

Closed-end funds have a specified capital and a previously defined expiration date. The fund shares are not redeemed by the fund unless extraordinary situations present themselves, which are detailed in each prospect.

However, the investors can sell their shares directly through the Nicaraguan Stock Exchange or use them as collaterals to raise funds through repurchase agreements